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About Society for Shock Studies (Russia)

Dear colleagues!

Shock is an issue that joins forces of many people from biologists and physiologists to professionals working in emergency medicine. Experts in reanimatology and anesthesiology, surgeons, trauma surgeons and doctors of other specialities  deal with the shock and its consequences on a daliy basis . Shock is a process that accompanies most of the critical states. It is the process that has been the subject of studies for more than half a century. However during the past few decades we have noticed a considerable progress in understanding of the nature of shock and the mechanisms of its development.

Today the themes related to shock are discussed mostly within the individual scientific institutions and medical communities of our country.  The lack of sharing, of course, limits our opportunities in terms of gaining and promoting new knowledge about the phenomenon. The aims of the newly established organization include cooperation  and coordination  of the efforts of biologists, pathophysiologists and clinicians, working on the mechanisms of critical states complicated by shock . The ultimate aim of the community is to improve the results of treatment  of patients with primarily traumatic and septic shock. It is of great importance  for us to enroll in this community  young scientists and researchers working in various fields of basic medicine.

Everyone interested in the problem of investigation into the pathogenesis of critical states complicated  by shock and their therapy are welcome for cooperation!







XIX Conference on Life Support in Critical Illness, October 19-20, 2017, Moscow, Izmailovo