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Membership in the society

The general provisions

Persons and organizations that are eligible for membership in the Russian Shock Society:

- Anesthesiologists and reanimatologists, as well as doctors of other specialties, and other experts in the field, researchers, educators involved in the teaching questions related to reanimatology, who are citizens of the Russian Federation, share the objectives of the Society, recognize the Charter of the Society, regularly pay membership dues and take personal participation in the activities of the Society;

- Associations of doctors and researchers, that recognize the Charter of the Society and regularly pay membership dues, and render assistance in the activities of the Society.

The Society shall consist of ordinary and honorary members. Any person eligible for Ordinary Membership may apply to the President or the Secretary with recommendations from one of the members of the Society.

The decision on the admission of new members is made by the Council of the Society.

Member's rights

- To elect and be elected to the governing structures of the Society

- To participate in all activities of the Society

- To submit for the consideration of the issues within the scope of activities of the Society, to participate in the discussion

- Any member may resign from the Society voluntarily.

Member's Duties

- To abide by the Charter of the Society

- To provide possible assistance in solving of organizational matters

- Do not cause damage society and its members by one’s statements and actions

- To carry out decisions of the governing structures of the Society

- To pay membership dues timely.

Membership dues

The membership due is collected by the Secretary of the Society and is 1000 (one thousand) rubles or its equivalent in another currency per year, or an amount the size of which is determined at the next General Meeting. The membership due can be changed by the General Meeting of the Society without making changes to the Charter.




Requesting for membership

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